RECIMPER is a waterproofing coating for terraces formed by water based synthetic Polymers.

 RECIMPER forms a layer of excellent flexibility and elasticity. It’s totally waterproofing from water, although it is permeable to air and steam

There is also a version called RECIMPER WITH FIBER, which is formed by a mixture of fragments of fiber, which give a larger hardness.


Presentation: In containers of 5 and 20kg.

Colors: Red rust, grey, white, green and any others upon request.



RECIMPER-DOS is together with the waterproofing RECIMPER, one of the key products due to its great versatility and the multiple use options where it can be applied: as a waterproofing, as a coating of water tanks, coating of swimming pools, preventing dampness in walls and roofs exposed to the water, and also it’s recommended to animals living spaces (it is not toxic), et cetera

The product is composed by two products, one is copolymer, which increases the elasticity and the other one is solid, especial cement, with sands of quartz.


Presentation: In containers of 5 and 25kg. (Component A y B)

Colors: White, grey but any others colors upon request.



RECYHIDRO is an impermeable coating which is made up of cements, special additives and selected sands, as well as RECYLATEX (especial latex for this kind of mixture) and water.

RECYHIDRO has a total impermeability and excellent adhesiveness to the base.

RECYHIDRO is good for water tanks and sewage systems. For basements, tunnels, foundation of a building and walls with a low water ground


Presentation: In containers of 25kg.

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